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Cute Puppies!

Life is short. It’s too short to focus on all the negativity, am I right? Of course I am! So, let’s all enjoy it. The best way to do that, of course? By looking at cute puppies!

1.puppy power

What big eyes you have!

2. puppy1

Quit monkeying around!

3. puppy3

Just hanging around!


We’re all a little husky sometimes


First things first: 2017 sucked. We can all probably agree on that. Why is this true? A whole buncha reasons. Maybe you can’t stand Tom Brady, and he won another Super Bowl. Maybe you can’t stand Trump, and he spent the whole year doing Trump-ian things. Maybe it was the constant hurricanes. The point is, you talk to anyone, and they’ll pretty much all agree on the suck-iness.

You know what the real problem, in this humble author’s opinion, is? Its that EVERY YEAR SUCKS. Been that way for a while now. Problem is, as humans, we’re wired to only focus on the negative. WE SUCK. {we just hate to admit it.} Both in our personal lives, and the world around us, bad things will happen. My perspective has changed, and I think I’m better off for it. I don’t complain {as much anyway, wink wink}, I don’t run from the BS, I try to own it. This year will be better because I said it will be; because I will be better!

So, kids the moral of the story is: enjoy every day. Have fun. Work hard, but play hard too. Give back. Always remember there are others suffering, {sometimes far} worse than you. If we all embrace this mindset, we can all have a better year, year after year. Thanks and always, remember to hit the share button!