First things first: 2017 sucked. We can all probably agree on that. Why is this true? A whole buncha reasons. Maybe you can’t stand Tom Brady, and he won another Super Bowl. Maybe you can’t stand Trump, and he spent the whole year doing Trump-ian things. Maybe it was the constant hurricanes. The point is, you talk to anyone, and they’ll pretty much all agree on the suck-iness.

You know what the real problem, in this humble author’s opinion, is? Its that EVERY YEAR SUCKS. Been that way for a while now. Problem is, as humans, we’re wired to only focus on the negative. WE SUCK. {we just hate to admit it.} Both in our personal lives, and the world around us, bad things will happen. My perspective has changed, and I think I’m better off for it. I don’t complain {as much anyway, wink wink}, I don’t run from the BS, I try to own it. This year will be better because I said it will be; because I will be better!

So, kids the moral of the story is: enjoy every day. Have fun. Work hard, but play hard too. Give back. Always remember there are others suffering, {sometimes far} worse than you. If we all embrace this mindset, we can all have a better year, year after year. Thanks and always, remember to hit the share button!