4 Science terms that will make you look smart!

What’s cookin good lookin? {that was a rhetorical question}. Anyhow, if you’re like me, you’re awesome {congratulations.} But also, you need a way to spice your boring, everyday conversations with the lame  “commoners” who come to you, seeking your Godlike wisdom. I’m gonna teach you one of my favorite tricks to appear even smarter, more powerful, and generally more badass than you ever thought possible: Science, specifically scientific terms. You see, when using big words in everyday conversation, it conveys to people that you are a big shot; somebody who not only knows how to read, but actually chooses to do so, without losing your “cool as vanilla ice” mentality/reputation.

But reading kind of blows-except for this site of course- so I’ve decided, in my infinite wisdom, to share with you some special science terms to use in real life that will totally make you look like a BOSS.

1. Peristalsis: not only does it sound cool, its the process by which your body begins to digest food, forcing it down your esophagus and preventing it from retreating in your mouth. USED IN A SENTENCE EXAMPLE:  ” You just won the lottery? You give my peristalsis too much credit, brah. Ain’t no way im swallowin’  that kind of B.S.

2. Chlorophyll: It’s like this pigment thing that makes plants green, or something. You can show off your science knowledge by making people realize that you always have lots of green, i.e. money. USED IN A SENTENCE EXAMPLE:  “I do it for the thrill, my wallet’s got so much green, they call me Mr. Chlorophyll.”

3. Parthenogenesis: THis is one of the sickest, dopest, most jacked-up science terms of All-Time. It sounds cool, is hard to spell, and it means to reproduce with yourself, with no need for a second partner. So, you’re literally telling someone to go f— themselves, and you never realized some animals actually can! USED IN A SENTENCE EXAMPLE: “My boss is such a jerk, I told him to go commit parthenogenesis, and he didn’t even fire me cuz he didn’t know what it meant!”

4. Supernova: Already sounds cool, doesn’t it? Supernova are like these huge, super-bright explosions in outer space, that often trigger the creation of new stars. USED IN A SENTENCE EXAMPLE: “My child is an honor student at blah, blah, blah..Oh yeah? Well my child is brighter than a goddamn supernova!”


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